Lorsque vous avez besoin de créer des collages spéciaux sur des sites Web de médias sociaux, découvrez les 14 meilleures applications de collage de photos pour Android et iOS ici.

Applications de collage de photos - Top 14 des applications pour créer des collages avec des appareils Android et iOS

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When you record your daily life with stunning photos and videos, you can take advantage of a photo collage to make the story. The Application de collage de photos enables you to tell the story vividly to your audiences. What are the best photo collage apps for Android and iPhone? The article provides the 14 best apps to combine multiple photos as a photo collage with ease. Just choose the desired program below.

Applications de collage de photos

Partie 1: Applications de collage de photos pour Android

Top 1: Photo Grid - Video & Pic Collage Maker

Photo Grid is a photo collage app that automatically generates grids based on the number of photos you selected. There are over 300 cadres de collage photo, 100+ cool backgrounds, 500+ stickers, and 700+ fonts. If you want to tell a long story, use the Filmstrip features of multimedia, text, and stickers. You can also use the photo collage app to export high-resolution images to social media.

Capture d'écran de la grille de photos

Top 2: Moldiv - Éditeur de photos tout-en-un

moule combines text caption, image filters, borders, fun backgrounds, and multimedia files. The photo collage app includes 50+ photo effects, 200+ frames, 200+ stamps and speech bubbles, 40 color pickers, and 80 patterns. With the simplistic but modern collage maker, you can create stunning collages like posters, theme albums, or magazines. And you can share the eye-catching collage in high resolution for your phone or tablet.


Top 3: Pixlr - Éditeur et Collage Maker Pro

Pixlr a le contrôle ultime sur collage de photos in every detail. Compared to the other photo collage apps, it can provide the rotating and resizing features and use an Auto fix. You only need to tap a button to make the photo collage app adjust brightness, contrasteainsi que saturation. And the Compare feature enables you to see the change immediately. Additional tools to supprimer les yeux rouges à ces émotions et de blanchir les dents are also available within the application.

Application Pixlr

Top 4: Collage de photos - Story, Grid + Photo Editor

Pic Collage is similar to Photo Grid and other Photo Collage apps. The outstanding feature of the photo collage app is the ability to import videos from YouTube. You can also conduct a web search within the app for photos you would like to include. The editing features empower you to apply effects, add a border, use scissors, set background, and copy files. The photo collage app can combiner des photos into a collage with ease.

Pic Collage

Top 5: Fotor - Collage et effets photo

Fotor is a popular photo collage app and photo editor for all platforms. The program has 13 scenes options, 100+ filters, and effects. It supports combining 9 photos into a single collage and can pixeliser l'image content with the new pixel brush feature. You can also use the photo editing features to perfect the images before creating multiple pictures into a photo collage.

Application de retouche photo Fotor

Top 6: Photo Collage Editor - Frame Photo Editor

Éditeur de collage de photos is a dedicated tool to create a photo collage with the pictures on your smartphone. It has tons of templates, frames, and layouts for creating photo collages. Take advantage of the enhanced feature within the built-in photo collage app before making a photo collage or adding text and stickers to the photo collage. It could help you share it on social media or save it to your phone.

Éditeur de collage de photos

Top 7: Art de collage de photos - Cadres de collage spéciaux

Art de collage de photos is a photo collage app that provides frames for selfies or portraits. Usually, the themes are related to the landscape or sceneries, such as lotus, flowers, and beach scenery. Whether it is a memorable event, a party, graduation, wedding, or any other moment you want to share, you can take advantage of the photo collage maker to make it even more memorable.

Art de collage de photos

Partie 2: Application de collage de photos pour iOS

Top 8: Pic Stitch - Éditeur de collage photo et vidéo

Point de pic is a photo collage app with over 300 layouts, 15 photo aspect ratios, customized photo borders, photo FX filters, and other features. Just combine multiple photos and videos into one beautifully framed picture with a before-and-after sequence. Now you can export to Instagram, Dropbox, Evernote, or any other installed application that will accept JPEG images within the photo collage app.

Capture d'écran de Pic Stitch

Top 9: Diptic - Collage Maker super personnalisable

Diptique is the photo collage app that enables you to create collages with photos and videos. It has many layouts. Each layout offers custom options, like border, frames, and aspect ratio. The photo collage app has many templates and layouts include standard layouts, borders, and fancy designs. It can add pictures from memory to your favorite layout, add text on the photo collage, adjust text styles and decide the output quality and resolution.


Top 10: Mise en page - Conception Excellent collage de photos Instgam

Disposition from Instagram is an excellent photo collage app to design a collage on Instagram. The program recommends a new layout when you add a new photo. When you want to have more fun with the photo collage, use the mirror and flip features. The latest version of Layout can combine up to 9 photos into a collage easily. The Instagram photo collage is not only for Instagram. You can also make a photo collage on Facebook and other social media.

Disposition Instagram

Top 11: Framatic - Magic Photo Collage Maker

Framatique allows you to add all kinds of fabulous frames and borders instantly. The photo collage app includes more than millions of colors for the background, 50+ Instagram borders, 80+ layouts, 100+ background patterns. To add more fun to the photo collage, you can share the smartphone to get a randomly generated picture frame. It is a great photo collage app to create stunning framed picture compositions.


Top 12: PicsArt Photo Studio - Connu pour ses excellentes fonctionnalités et sa créativité abondante

PicsArt Photo Studio is a photo collage app and a powerful photo editor. There are multiple creative control, attractive filters, excellent image editing tools, and fun options. Use your creativity and superb system to achieve a breath-taking collage. Besides the tons of features to edit photo collages, download more free clip-art libraries for almost any situation according to your requirements.

Capture d'écran de PicsArt Photo Studio

Top 13: InstaCollage Pro - Transformez vos souvenirs en collage photo

InstaCollage Pro is the right photo collage app to convert all your photos into collages. The program has 5000+ layouts to make the desired photo collage, 200+ poster layouts, 500+ creative photo borders, and more filters, background, and gallery. Compared to other photo collage apps, the most splendid feature of InstaCollage Pro is the touch-up filters. Collage's smooth, intuitive process also makes it easy to control your editing & making.

InstaCollage Pro

Top 14: CollageIt - Créer un collage de photos automatiquement

When you need to create some simple photo collage on iPhone, CollageIt might be the photo collage app you can consider. You can add photos from Facebook to the program directly. There are many layout templates with photo effects. You can personalize photo collages with texts, fonts, colors, alignments, and other elements. Moreover, you can also have various background solutions, such as solid color, gradient color, and patterns.

Application CollageIt

If you try to get more photo collage apps, you can read 30+ meilleures applications de collage de photos.

Part 3: Best Photo Collage App on Windows 11/10/8/7 and macOS

When you want to create photo collage on your computer, Collage WidsMob is an all-in-one collage maker to design stunning photo collages. You can add texts, effects, stickers, filters, expressions, and more other elements. Moreover, it enables you to rotate the images, redresser les photos, et modifiez les fichiers.

  1. Make photo collages with different templates and elements.
  2. Personnalisez les textes, effets, autocollants, filtres, expressions et autres.
  3. Choose the templates, posters, and stickers according to your need.
  4. Fournissez des fonctionnalités d'édition avancées pour faire pivoter, recadrer et retourner les photos.
Personnaliser le collage de cadres Win Télécharger Mac Télécharger


Besides the above photo collage apps, you can share more about your favorite program to make a stunning photo collage in the comments. The article will have a frequent update to provide the latest photo collage apps according to your requirement.