PhotoFinder is a program to break the different locations and display the photos on the computer. Learn this app and its alternatives here.

PhotoFinder Review and Top 5 PhotoFinder Alternatives You Can't Miss

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Although more and more people take photos by phone, computers are still the destination to store these personal photos and pictures. Many people back up a large number of images on hard drives. Then there is a problem that comes with it: finding a specific photo becomes a challenge. These photos store in different folders or drives. Recherche de photos is a dedicated program to break the various locations and display all the images on your computer. That sounds awesome. So, in this article, we will introduce this utility and some alternatives. If you want to manage your pictures effectively, spend a few minutes learning these utilities right now.

Examen de PhotoFinder

Part 1: PhotoFinder Review

Recherche de photos saves you tons of time searching and browsing photos all over your computer. Let’s learn the review of this simple program immediately.


1. PhotoFinder prend en charge la plupart des systèmes d'exploitation Windows, de Windows 11 à Windows 98.

2. Il a une interface simple et facile à naviguer.

3. This photo finder can search your entire hard drive and create high-quality thumbnails automatically.

4. Users could use the Scan Drive tool to search for photos in a specific hard drive.

5. PhotoFinder permet aux utilisateurs d'agrandir ou de réduire les miniatures.


1. Malheureusement, ce programme n'est pas disponible pour les ordinateurs Mac. Et pour utiliser ce programme, vous devez installer Java Runtime Environment 1.5 ou version ultérieure.

2. This program puts and displays pictures together without telling you the destination of a photo.

3. Par rapport à son prix, les fonctionnalités sont insuffisantes.

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Part 2: Best 5 PhotoFinder Alternatives

For the shortcomings of PhotoFinder, we identified the top 5 alternative photo managers.

Top 1. Best PhotoFinder Alternatives to Organize Photos on Windows 11/10/8/7 and macOS - WidsMob Viewer

Visionneuse WidsMob is not only a photo manager but also a éditeur de photos. The powerful features of this photo finder include:

1. Photo Viewer supports opening hundreds of pictures in batch. Drag and drop the folders into Photo Viewer. It will import the photos quickly.

2. This PhotoFinder alternative can read almost all picture formats, including Fichiers RAW.

3. Photo Viewer could organize and rotate your photos based on Informations EXIF automatiquement.

4. You can view your photos in various modes, such as library mode, thumbnail mode, EXIF mode, slideshow mode, and more.

5. Besides browse photos, Photo View also provides some photo editing tools, like crop, rotate, resize and convert multiple pictures in batch, apply effects, adjust colors, exposition, et d'autres paramètres.

6. After preview, you can print the pictures or share them on social media within Photo Viewer.

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Top 2. The Best Windows 10 Photo Finder - Windows Photos

Photos de Windows is the successor for MS Paint. And Microsoft has integrated more features into the Windows Photos program, like photo organize.


1. Windows Photos is a pre-installed photo finder, so Windows 10 users can use it to manage photos for free.

2. Windows Photos prend en charge Cortana. Vous pouvez utiliser la voix pour importer et organiser facilement des photos.

3. Les utilisateurs peuvent gérer des albums et créer de nouveaux albums dans Windows Photos.

4. Besides editing tools, This PhotoFinder alternative embedded some functions, like Red eye.

5. You can select and share some photos from computers to social networks or cloud services.


1. Il n'est disponible que pour Windows 10.

2. You cannot zoom in on photos during browsing.

Photos de Windows

Top 3. The Top Mac Photo Finder - Photos App

App Photos is the built-in photo editor for Mac users. The Photos app also could help you to manage, organize and find photos on your Mac computer.


1. Photos app has five tabs, including Photos, Souvenirs, Owned, Albumsainsi que Projets, to stocker des photos et des vidéos.

2. Besides the photo stored in local hard drives, the Photos app also could display the pictures in iCloud.

3. You can find any photo according to name, date, and other keywords in the search bar.

4. This PhotoFinder alternative allows users to partager des photos on social media, iCloud, mail, and AirDrop.

5. There are some photo editing tools within the Photos app. The face recognition feature is good.


1. Photos app is only available to Mac computers.

2. The editing tools are limited. And filters are not adjustable.

Application Apple Photos

Top 4. The Best Duplicate Photo Finder - VisiPics

Sometimes, you might need to find the duplicated photos on your computer and remove the repeated ones. VisiPics is one of the best duplicate photo finders.


1. You can find duplicate photos with VisiPics according to name, date, and photo contents.

2. This PhotoFinder alternative allows you to control the finding process with strict, basic, or loose levels.

3. You can preview the result VisiPics find and decide whether to remove it.

4. Ce localisateur de photos peut numériser toutes les centaines de photos et vous montrer les doublons en vrac.


1. The free version has a limit. For example, you have to delete the duplicates manually.


Top 5. The Best Paid Photo Finder - Adobe Lightroom

If you are a professional photographer, you may need a professional photo finder, like Adobe Lightroom. It is one of the best-paid photo finders.


1. This PhotoFinder alternative is not only a photo manager but also a photo editor. You can use the professional-grade editing tools as you wish.

2. Ce chercheur de photos peut gérer et afficher jusqu'à mille photos à la fois.

3. It can sort photos based on metadata automatically.


1. Le prix n'est pas abordable.

2. For iOS and Android devices, only the Lightroom CC version is available.

3. C'est un fardeau pour le système.



Based on the introductions above, you might grasp at least six photo finders. PhotoFinder is a simple photo manager that allows users to view all photos on their computers. Considering it has some shortcomings, we recommended some alternatives. For Windows 10 users, the Windows Photos program is a free photo manager. And for Mac computers, the Photos app permits management, view and find photos on computers and iCloud. VisiPics is a dedicated photo finder to scan duplicates. And Adobe Lightroom is the best-paid photo manager. If you are looking for the most cost-effective photo finder, WidsMob Viewer is a good choice.

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