This is an article about XMP Files. You can know the knowledge about the .xmp file extension. There are also answers to XMP questions.

Tout ce que vous voulez savoir sur les fichiers XMP (spécialement pour les débutants)

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If you fail to open an XMP file with your default media viewer, you need to use an Visionneuse de fichiers XMP to open files in the .xmp file extension. For most users, XMP is not as popular as JPEG, PNG, and other formats. So if you have no idea what XMP is, you just come to the right place. Here’re the detailed explanations to open, import, convert and delete XMP files. You can read and choose the information about the .xmp file extension you need.

Best XMP File Viewer

Partie 1: Questions courantes sur le fichier .XMP

Vous pouvez déjà vous lasser des longs paragraphes. Ainsi, cet article traite principalement des questions fréquemment posées sur le format de fichier XMP. Vous pouvez accéder rapidement à la question que vous souhaitez connaître sur XMP.

What is XMP File Format

XMP is short for Extension Metadata Platform. Files with the .xmp file extension can store metadata information and search in XMP-compatible apps. The XMP file types vary from images, databases, web documents, and more.

What is XMP File Used For

Un fichier XMP se compose d'une description, d'un titre, d'un auteur, d'un copyright, d'un clavier et d'autres informations sur le fichier RAW de l'appareil photo. At present, XMP is mainly used to store metadata of camera RAW files in Adobe products. Moreover, it is also supported to create a searchable database based on the number of XMP files.

Quels programmes peuvent ouvrir des fichiers XMP

The XMP file type can save detailed information about the associate RAW file in the standard metadata format. You can read XMP files to extract much useful information. To open .xmp files, you need a good XMP file viewer.

Here’re the programs that can open XMP files. You may also get XMP editing, converting, or playing features here. These XMP metadata viewer software include Adobe Bridge CC, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Prelude CC, Adobe XMP ToolKit, Any text editor, Microsoft Photos, etc.

Quels convertisseurs de fichiers XMP choisir

You can convert a file from and to XMP with many online and offline converters. You'd better convert XMP files for free. The available online XMP file converters are,,, and more. You can convert XMP to JPEG, DNG, and other formats for free online.

Comment créer un fichier XMP

You can create an XMP metadata template with Adobe software, like Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks, and more. After installing the Adobe XMP platform, you can import the metadata file to get all details.

Here is the tutorial to create an XMP file in Adobe Fireworks. To start with, make sure to install the Adobe XMP and application.

Étape 1: Run Adobe Fireworks. Choose Infos sur le fichier du Déposez le la liste déroulante.

Étape 2: Remplir le Infos sur le fichier dialogue. Puis clique Economisez sous le Avancé .

Étape 3: Dans le pop-up Enregistrer le fichier window, set a name and destination folder for your new XMP file.

Étape 4: Cliquez Economisez to make an XMP file in Adobe Fireworks.

Comment importer un fichier XMP dans Photoshop

The metadata information is in the XMP file format. If you want to keep all information, you can import XMP metadata into Photoshop for further editing. Generally speaking, you can import XMP into Photoshop via the Metadata panel or the File Info dialog.

Étape 1: Run Adobe Photoshop. Choose one or more XMP files.

Étape 2: Choisissez Infos sur le fichier du Déposez le la liste déroulante.

Étape 3: Select some tabs from Description, IPTC Core, IPTC Extension, Données de la caméra, GPS and more categories.

Étape 4: Enter the information according to the display fields.

Étape 5: Cliquez Préférences near the bottom of the Infos sur le fichier dialog. Here you can trigger auto-completion, reset XMP changes and apply more changes.

Étape 6: Cliquez OK to save changes and import XMP files into Adobe Photoshop.

Est-il possible de supprimer les fichiers XMP

If you get JPEG or other file formats from XMP files before, you can remove XMP files to free up storage space. Be aware that all your edits to the camera RAW file will remove after deleting .xmp files.

Partie 2: Visionneuse de photos puissante pour ouvrir des fichiers RAW

If you want to load RAW files from your RAW format cameras or other external drives, Visionneuse WidsMob is the easiest and quickest way. Thanks to the folder-based image-viewing feature, you can browse all RAW photos by opening one RAW file. Just put RAW images into the same folder. Later, you can use the right or left key to look through hundreds of thousands of RAW files with super fast speed.

Moreover, the multiple image-editing functions can meet your demand. You can batch convert, rename and resize RAW files in a short time. The rotating, flipping, and retouching features can meet your need. What’s more, photo-sharing and exporting are also good to use.

1. Prise en charge étendue des appareils photo au format RAW, y compris Adobe Digital Negative, Panasonic, Canon PowerShot, DxO ONE, etc.

2. Open RAW files in EXIF mode, slideshow mode, full-screen mode, favorite mode, and library mode.

3. Ajustez les paramètres et les effets des fichiers RAW.

4. Save, share, or print RAW files.

Win Télécharger Mac Télécharger

Étape 1: Run WidsMob Viewer on your Mac computer. Click + à côté de Bibliothèque on the top left corner to import a folder with RAW files. Or you can select Open du Déposez le liste déroulante à la place.

Ouvrir la visionneuse de photos

Étape 2: Double-click any RAW file to enlarge it. You can choose Afficher les informations du View list to open RAW files in EXIF mode. Here you can know the camera maker, camera model, F-number, exposure time, ISO, and other metadata information. You can click the small x icon on the top left corner of the Information window to exit EXIF mode whenever you want.

Afficher la visionneuse d'informations

Étape 3: Of course, you can enter into other photo viewing modes to view RAW files. Moreover, you can edit, delete or tag any RAW photo with tools near the bottom. The View drop-down list will give you many surprises.

Modifier la visionneuse de photos

Étape 4: If you want to share RAW files, you can unfold the Partager list to share RAW to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, emails, and more. Well, you can choose Enregistrer sous du Déposez le list to save changes to the photo too.

Partager la visionneuse de photos
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Vous pouvez ouvrir des fichiers contenant des métadonnées XMP avec de nombreux visualiseurs de fichiers. Mais si vous souhaitez modifier des fichiers XMP, vous devez utiliser un programme compatible XMP, tel que la suite Adobe Photoshop. Dans l'ensemble, vous pouvez obtenir un logiciel de visualisation et de conversion de fichiers XMP à partir des paragraphes ci-dessus. Si vous souhaitez ouvrir les fichiers RAW de manière flexible sur votre ordinateur Mac, vous pouvez télécharger gratuitement WidsMob Viewer pour essayer dès maintenant.